Our commitment to delivering thoughtful research and insights has a pragmatic purpose. The more a client knows, the more he or she can stay on plan during volatile and uncertain market environments.

ESG Solutions
Sage ESG Intermediate Credit Index December 2018
ESG Solutions
The Sage ESG Impact Report
This report highlights the Environmental, Social, and Governance impact our Portfolio* has versus the benchmark* in 9 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. . . .
Tactical ETF
Tactical Investment Strategy January 2019
Risk markets face a decidedly more challenging backdrop in 2019, with increasing macro risks and no backstop in the form of fiscal stimulus or extraordinary. . . .
Tactical ETF
Tactical ETF Performance Commentary 4Q18
This one-page report details what contributed to and detracted from performance for the Sage Tactical ETF Strategies in the fourth quarter. Within our equity allocation,. . . .
Asset Allocation Perspectives January 2019
This presentation outlines the macroeconomic landscape, monetary policy outlook, relative valuations, and how Sage is positioned in the current environment.
Fixed Income
Fixed Income Perspectives January 2019
A decelerating global economy and waning effects from fiscal stimulus will constrain expansion in 2019. For the first time post-crisis, the macro environment favors core. . . .
Fixed Income
Sage Advice Municipal Quarterly Market Review 4Q2018
Going into 2019, Sage was positioned with a slightly long-duration profile and a bullet tilt to our curve structure. Sage will continue to be opportunistic. . . .
Asset Allocation Perspectives Performance Through Shifting Market Environments
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