Tactical Investment Strategy May 2019

Despite elevated trade and other geopolitical concerns, resilient global growth and accommodative policy should provide underlying support to risk markets over the coming months. Within our equity allocation we continue to have a strong preference for the U.S., given better growth fundamentals, while holding tilts to high-quality and high dividends, and favoring tech, consumer staples, and financials. Within fixed income we continue to overweight spread sectors, but have added duration to help offset some of the downside risk if spreads widen, and we hold a large allocation to MBS, which offers an attractive mix of yield versus volatility.

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Tactical ETF

Asset Allocation Perspectives May 2019

This presentation outlines the macroeconomic landscape, monetary policy outlook, relative valuations, and how Sage is positioned in the current environment.

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Fixed Income, Municipal Fixed Income

Fixed Income Perspectives May 2019

This presentation provides insight into our fixed income outlook and illustrates how Sage is positioned in the current environment.

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An Interview with SASB’s Consumer Goods Analyst

Sage Advisory’s Vice President of Research and Portfolio Strategy Komson Silapachai talks with Taylor Reed, Consumer Goods Analyst at the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB),. . . .

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