Finding Success in Cash Balance Plans

How can advisors successfully leverage Cash Balance Plans? In this video, Sage’s National Sales Director Bob Moser and Expand Financial’s CEO Greg Bakke talk about how advisors can use Cash Balance Plans as a catalyst for growing their practice.

  • DATE: September 30, 2021
  • TYPE: Video

Featured Insights

Cash Balance

Cash Balance from a Plan Design Perspective

What’s more important – excellence or relevance? In the noisy, crowded 401(k) world, Cash Balance Plans offer advisors a way to become more relevant.

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An Introduction to Cash Balance Retirement Plans

Sage’s Managing Director Michael Walton and National Sales Director Bob Moser talk about how Cash Balance Plans work, who are the best candidates for this. . . .

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5 Reasons to Add Cash Balance Plans to Your Toolkit

Cash Balance Plans are a type of tax qualified retirement plan that allow business owners to make large tax deductible contributions . . .

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