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ESG Solutions
The Sage Sustainable 50: An Annual Ranking of the Top ESG-Rated Fixed Income Issuers
December 14, 2021 — In a world of equity-based ESG lists, Sage Advisory presents the Sage Sustainable 50 from a fixed income perspective. We assessed. . . .
Fixed Income
Bad Habits Return to the High Yield Market
December 14, 2021 — High yield investors that had hoped for management teams to maintain balance sheet discipline are likely to be disappointed as we. . . .
ESG Solutions
A Rising Tide: The Year Impact Bonds Flooded the Market
December 13, 2021 — Sage Advisory has been following the growth of impact bond issuance closely. Earlier this year, we created an impact bond strategy. . . .
ESG Solutions
2022 ESG Outlook: Climate Risk Takes Center Stage
December 13, 2021 — Read Sage’s 2022 ESG Outlook Q&A with Emma Harper, VP, Sr. Research Analyst, and Andy Poreda, VP, Sr. Research Analyst.
Tactical ETF
2022 Tactical ETF Outlook: Balancing Strong Growth & Shifting Fed Policy
December 13, 2021 — Read Sage’s 2022 Tactical ETF Outlook Q&A with Rob Williams, Managing Partner, Director of Research, and Komson Silapachai, Partner, Research &. . . .
Fixed Income
2022 Fixed Income Outlook: What Follows the Great Repricing?
December 13, 2021 — Read Sage’s 2022 Fixed Income Outlook Q&A with Thomas Urano, Managing Partner, Portfolio Management.
ESG Solutions
Sage’s Corporate Climate Report
December 9, 2021 — This year has brought record-breaking floods, heatwaves, wildfires, and a fresh energy crisis. With more frequent and severe climate events and. . . .
Fixed Income
The Hidden Tax Consequences of Owning Municipal Bonds
December 6, 2021 — While tax-exempt municipal bonds are often used as part of a tax-savings strategy, in some instances these bond proceeds can be. . . .
Fixed Income
No, 60/40 is Not Dead
December 1, 2021 — A recent trend in commentaries has had some disturbing elements, including suggestions that a traditional 60/40 portfolio no longer provides diversification.. . . .
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