Retirement Plans

We build liability-oriented investment strategies for Pension and Cash Balance Plans, along with asset allocation strategies for 401(k) Plans. Our investment, research, and quantitative analysis teams have developed a robust framework for plan analysis, portfolio construction, and ongoing monitoring and support.

Liability Driven Investing

Our firm began offering asset/liability management analytics and liability driven investment solutions for defined benefit plans in 1999, long before LDI and pension plan de-risking became common. Our professionals, which include Chartered Financial Analysts, accredited fiduciaries, actuaries, and attorneys, implement LDI strategies for single-employer, multiemployer, and public plans. We also provide risk transfer, termination analysis, de-risking glide path construction, and completion manager services.

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LDI Comprehensive Solution

We recognize that each plan — and plan sponsor — is unique. We customize our LDI solutions to match the liability profile, goals, and risk tolerance of the plan sponsor. Our portfolio manager and ALM professionals interact daily to ensure successful implementation of tailored portfolios.

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LDI Small Plan Solution

We have developed a streamlined analytical approach and investment process that allows small plans access to LDI solutions previously available only to large plans. For small plans, Sage crafts customized LDI solutions that are implemented entirely with exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

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Cash Balance Plans

Cash Balance Plans are Defined Benefit Plans with Defined Contribution Plan attributes that require an investment approach tailored to their unique structure. We have a long history of building investment solutions for Cash Balance Plan clients that incorporate their interest crediting rate, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs. In addition to building custom solutions for CB clients, we have a developed a suite of scalable investment strategies designed for the small plan space.

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Cash Balance Strategies

Our Cash Balance Strategies provide plan participants with three scalable investment solutions designed to address the most common return targets and risk profiles. Each strategy is implemented entirely with ETFs and leverages our analytical framework for Cash Balance portfolio construction and expertise in managing multi-asset class asset allocation strategies.

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Cash Balance Custom Solutions

Our team will craft custom investment strategies designed to match the liability profile, goals, and overall risk tolerance of the plan sponsor. Our analytical process is explicitly focused on understanding these unique constraints and translating them into an appropriate investment strategy.

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401(k) Solutions

We offer a series of Collective Investment Funds that provide 401(k) plan participants with a transparent, understandable, and flexible suite of investment solutions. Each strategy is designed to deliver the benefits of active management in a cost-effective, efficient fund structure. We offer both target-date and target-risk asset allocation strategies which plan sponsors may use as potential Qualified Default Investment Alternatives (QDIA).

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Target Date Funds

Our Sage Target Date Strategies are managed to meet the full spectrum of investor’s retirement needs, ranging from those who are in the early stages of investing for retirement to investors who are in immediate need of retirement income. These strategies provide participants with a simple solution that will automatically adjust the risk profile as they approach retirement.

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Target Risk Funds

Our Target Risk Strategies are managed to meet the full spectrum of investor’s retirement needs, ranging from conservative investors to those with a more growth-oriented risk profile. The series of risk-based strategies allow participants to control the timing of adjustments in their investment approach to meet their unique retirement goals.

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Core Funds

The Core Plus Fixed Income and All Cap Equity Plus Strategies provide plan participants with stand-alone fixed income and equity solutions. These strategies make up the foundation of the target date and target risk asset allocation series.

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