Retirement Plans

We craft custom solutions for liability-focused retirement plans with offerings that include asset/liability analysis, asset allocation guidance, and liability-hedging strategies.

LDI Strategies

We build custom LDI strategies designed to match the liability profile, goals, and risk tolerance of the plan sponsor. Our research professionals produce robust asset/liability analysis and interact daily with our portfolio management team to ensure successful implementation of tailored portfolios. Our LDI investment process is rooted in actual market conditions and guided by a strong risk management discipline.

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Cash Balance Strategies

We craft custom institutional solutions for large Cash Balance Plans and offer scalable separate account strategies for startup and smaller plans. The scalable strategies, which are implemented with ETFs, are designed and managed to meet common Cash Balance Plan objectives including principal protection, common interest crediting rate targets and an awareness of the annual investment me horizon.



Cash Balance CITs

Sage and kPlans Investment Services (KIS) act as co-advisors to a series of Cash Balance Collective Investment Trusts (CITs). The CITs offer plans efficient access to investment solutions designed and managed to meet common Cash Balance Plan objectives. Sage and KIS work together to provide a full complement of investment tools and expertise necessary to serve the unique needs of all sizes of Cash Balance plan clients.



Featured Insights

ESG Solutions

Sage Responsible Investment Policy

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ESG Solutions

Highlights and Holdings Delta Air Lines

Highlights & Holdings provides a thoughtful analysis for some of the holdings in Sage’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) portfolios. We provide a comprehensive . . .

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Tactical ETF

Asset Allocation Perspectives November 2019

This presentation outlines the macroeconomic landscape, monetary policy outlook, relative valuations, and how Sage is positioned in the current environment.

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