“The Five Imperatives of 21st Century Investing” with Chris Merker
Podcast recorded on 12/09/2019
Sage interviews Chris Merker, a Director with Private Asset Management at Robert W. Baird & Co., who discusses asset ownership in the United States and. . . .
Sustainable Investing
“How Care Work Subsidizes Economic Growth” with Professor Nancy Folbre
Podcast recorded on 11/25/2019
Sage interviews Professor Nancy Folbre about the evolution of care work in the U.S. Folbre is the Director of the Program on Gender and Care. . . .
“Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence” with Professor Peter Stone
Podcast recorded on 11/25/2019
Sage interviews Peter Stone, a UT Austin Computer Science professor, about the evolution of and opportunities in AI and machine learning. Stone is the founder. . . .
“3 Reasons Bond ETFs are on the Rise” with BlackRock’s Karen Schenone
Podcast recorded on 11/18/2019
Sage interviews Karen Schenone, a Fixed Income Product Strategist at BlackRock, who talks about the growth of bond ETFs, trends in the bond market, and. . . .
Sustainable Investing
Is There a Future for Nuclear Power in America?
Podcast recorded on 10/04/2019
In this podcast, Sage’s Andrew Poreda and Emma Smith discuss the balanced assessment they released examining the idea of nuclear power as an alternative energy. . . .
Advisor Series
How Sage Does Tactical Investing
Podcast recorded on 08/12/2019
Sage’s goal as a tactical manager is to smooth out the ride for investors when markets get bumpy. In this podcast, Sage’s Rob Williams talks. . . .
Sustainable Investing
How to Identify Potential Clients for ESG Investing
Podcast recorded on 08/09/2019
Sage’s ESG Research Analyst Emma Smith helps financial advisors identify potential clients who may be interested in Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) investing. For more information. . . .
Market Update
Slowing Growth & Central Bank Support: Sage’s Market Outlook
Podcast recorded on 07/15/2019
Vice President of Research and Portfolio Strategy Komson Silapachai discusses Sage’s outlook for fixed income and equities given a backdrop of slowing global growth and. . . .
Practical Tips for Achieving Success with Insurance Clients
Podcast recorded on 06/14/2019
Sage Advisory’s Michael Walton and Greg Cobb discuss some practical tips for helping investment consultants be successful with insurance clients. They talk about how to. . . .
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