Our commitment to delivering thoughtful research and insights has a pragmatic purpose. The more a client knows, the more he or she can stay on plan during volatile and uncertain market environments.

Fixed Income
Sage Advice Taxable Quarterly Market Review 1Q2020
Our base-case scenario has shifted from a fragile stabilization going into 2020 to a global recession, with a large contraction in the first half and. . . .
Tactical ETF
Tactical Investment Strategy March 2020
Given the shutdown in economies across the globe, the oil shock, and credit crunch, the base case economic outlook has rapidly shifted to include a. . . .
Tactical ETF
Asset Allocation Perspectives March 2020
Our base case includes a scenario in which markets continue to be volatile due to virus spread uncertainty, the economic impact, and the evolving policy. . . .
Cash Balance
Cash Balance Strategy Monitor February 29, 2020
This monthly research piece provides portfolio positioning and commentary for the Sage KIS Cash Balance CITs. This includes each strategy’s asset allocation evolution and a. . . .
Fixed Income
Tax Exempt Brochure
Fixed Income
Taxable Fixed Income Brochure
The Sage investment team brings perspective and wisdom that comes from a long history of managing fixed income. Managing risk is fundamental to our investment. . . .
Fixed Income
Municipal Fixed Income Strategies Overview
Whether it is an insurance company or individual investor, we understand that our clients don’t invest simply to beat a market benchmark, or outperform other. . . .
Tactical ETF
Tactical Investment Strategy February 2020
While the fears surrounding the coronavirus have weighed on sentiment and markets, improving fundamentals and highly supportive monetary policy continue to underpin risk assets.
Sage KIS Cash Balance CIT Strategies
The fact sheets provide an overview of the three Sage KIS CITs along with portfolio characteristics, performance, and asset allocation information through the 4th Quarter.