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ESG Solutions
ESG Highlights & Holdings — Boston Properties
May 5, 2021 — Boston Properties (BXP) is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns and manages 196 properties, including office, retail, residential, and. . . .
Tactical ETF
Keep Clients Invested with Sage Tactical Strategies
May 1, 2021 — How does Sage help advisors’ clients stay invested during volatile markets? What’s the difference between how Sage approaches tactical investing versus. . . .
ESG Solutions
Sage ESG Guide
April 23, 2021 — This guide provides a topical listing of Sage ESG material, including our updated Responsible Investment and Stewardship policies, ESG integration methodology,. . . .
ESG Solutions
ESG Highlights & Holdings — Rio Tinto
April 7, 2021 — Rio Tinto is a multinational metals and mining company based in London and Australia. The company manages 60 operations across 35. . . .
Fixed Income
Is Now the Time to Buy Fixed Income?
April 6, 2021 — Interest rates have risen remarkably since August, from 0.52% on August 4 to 1.74% on March 31, resulting in negative total returns. . . .
ESG Solutions
Sage 2021 Stewardship Policy
March 30, 2021 — This report outlines Sage’s approach to stewardship, including our engagement policy and commitment to industry initiatives. Sage’s Stewardship Policy represents current. . . .
ESG Solutions
Fighting Climate Change Myopia
March 25, 2021 — What does the future of U.S. energy look like? In this perspectives piece, Sage discusses the continued limitations of renewable energy. . . .
ESG Solutions
Sage 2021 Responsible Investment Policy
March 18, 2021 — This report outlines Sage’s Responsible Investment and Governance policies, including the responsibilities of both the ESG Investment Committee and ESG Research. . . .
ESG Solutions
Winter Storm Uri: Emerging Environmental, Social, and Governance Considerations
March 16, 2021 — If Uri taught us one thing it was that Texans need a more reliable system for generating and distributing electricity.