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ESG Solutions
Sage’s ESG Investment Philosophy: To Achieve Better Alignment
July 19, 2018 — Sage believes that the integration of ESG factor assessment will result in better investment outcomes for our clients and closer alignment. . . .
Tactical ETF
How to Invest with an Economy at Full Capacity
June 14, 2018 — According to the most recent jobs report, unemployment is the lowest it’s been in 18 years. At 3.8%, the unemployment rate. . . .
ESG Solutions
ESG Perspectives — The Mighty Millennials
June 1, 2018 — Millennials will soon represent over 50% of the American workforce, and their influence over the future of retirement plan asset growth. . . .
Fixed Income
A Perfect Storm in the Bond Market
May 30, 2018 — A perfect storm in the bond market just occurred as Hurricane Fed crossed paths with an Italian tropical storm and U.S.. . . .
ESG Solutions
Moving from Clarity to Obscurity: Assessing the DOL’s Recent Guidance on ESG Investing
May 30, 2018 — This month’s edition of ESG Perspectives assesses the Department of Labor’s recent guidance on ESG investing, and outlines Sage’s approach to. . . .
Fixed Income
The Return of Inflation: A Relative Value Opportunity for Fixed Income Investors
May 15, 2018 — Interest rates have increased dramatically since the end of 2017 and are expected to continue climbing. How can fixed income investors. . . .
Tactical ETF
Rising Interest Rates: A Short Guide for ETF Investors
May 2, 2018 — A rising tide lifts all boats, but do rising rates lift all assets? The yield on 10-year Treasury notes rose above. . . .
ESG Solutions
Measuring the Impact of Your Municipal Bond ESG Portfolio
April 20, 2018 — Investors have long considered municipal bonds to be a way to invest in community-focused development, but measuring impact can be difficult.
Now is the Time for Defined Benefit Plans to Reassess Risk
April 19, 2018 — In this piece, we explore the return of market volatility and the potential impact of market movements on a typical corporate. . . .
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