In Our Industry,

Perspective Matters

So does trust. And transparency. At Sage, we value the development of client relationships just as much as the development of sound investment strategies. Personalizing business is just how we do things in Austin. Pairing strategy with sincerity. Performance with partnership. That’s the Sage perspective. And one you won’t find anywhere else.


What’s in a name?

When Sage was being formed over a quarter of a century ago, our founders wanted to establish a firm with a clear purpose. At a recent town hall meeting, President Bob Smith delivered a short history of how Sage’s name came to be.

February 15, 2024

The Sage Sustainable 50:

An Annual Ranking of the Most Sustainable Corporate Debt Issuers

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January 16, 2024

2023 Annual Sustainability Report

Sage’s 2023 Sustainability Report provides an in-depth look at our company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability. The report illustrates our dedication to responsible business practices that support our efforts to create a positive impact across our operations and beyond.

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Notes From the Desk

Our focus? Our clients.

One of the best assets you can invest in is valuable relationships. For us, that's the relationships we build with our advisors, consultants and clients. Since 1996, we've crafted smart investment strategies centered on risk management and delivered through transparent communication. In this way, we responsibly guide our partners toward tailored, innovative investment solutions.

Our Insights

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Labor Underpins Economic Expansion Despite Concentration

April 8, 2024 — The headline payroll growth for March exceeded all estimates, with nonfarm payrolls growing by 303k on the month, above a strong. . . .

First Quarter Scoreboard and Themes

April 1, 2024 — Strong economic data coupled with a Fed that has largely minimized its inflation fighting stance has resulted in a solid start. . . .

Fixed Income Volatility Reverting to Pre-Hike Levels

March 27, 2024 — Strong economic data, particularly inflation readings that have been stickier than expected, resulted in a shift higher in the path of. . . .

The Sage ESG Top 5 — March 27, 2024

March 27, 2024 — Sage’s Senior ESG Research Analyst Andy Poreda provides insight on the top ESG news stories of the week. Included in this. . . .

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