Our commitment to delivering thoughtful research and insights has a pragmatic purpose. The more a client knows, the more he or she can stay on plan during volatile and uncertain market environments.

Cash Balance
Cash Balance Performance Commentary 2Q21
July 30, 2021 — The second quarter of 2021 stands in stark contrast to the same period last year. Economies continued to reopen while the. . . .
Cash Balance Strategy Monitor June 2021
July 19, 2021 — This monthly research piece provides portfolio positioning and commentary for the Sage KIS Cash Balance CITs. This includes each strategy’s asset. . . .
Asset Liability Quarterly Monitor 2Q21
July 19, 2021 — Sage’s LDI solutions include a custom fixed income portfolio with individual securities that will closely perform to the duration and term. . . .
Tactical ETF
Tactical Investment Strategy, July 2021
July 15, 2021 — The post-pandemic recovery will continue to be the driving force for sentiment and returns in the back half of 2021. We. . . .
Municipal Fixed Income
Municipal 2Q21 Market Review & Outlook
July 14, 2021 — By the end of the second quarter, the municipal market fully recovered from 2020 Covid-19 lows and has now reached record. . . .
Tactical ETF
Asset Allocation Perspectives
July 14, 2021 — The following presentation outlines the current economic conditions, policy response and valuations, as well as how Sage is positioned in the. . . .
Fixed Income
Fixed Income Perspectives, July 2021
July 14, 2021 —  This presentation provides insight into our fixed income outlook and illustrates how Sage is positioned in the current environment.
Fixed Income
Taxable Fixed Income 2Q21 Market Review & Outlook
July 14, 2021 — Fixed income investors had a reprieve after a tough first quarter. Longer rates fell 25 to 30 basis points and credit. . . .
ESG Solutions
ESG ETF Performance Commentary 2Q21
July 13, 2021 — This one-page report details what contributed to and detracted from performance for the Sage ESG ETF Strategies in the second quarter.