For our clients who are on the go, we offer podcasts that cover a range of topics, including tactical ETF investing, sustainable investing, fixed income, and capital market insights.

Sustainable Investing
The “E” in ESG Investing
Podcast recorded on 08/31/2020
Sage ESG research analysts Andy Poreda and Sara Rodriguez discuss environmental risk factors that are financially material for companies and illustrate through Sage’s case study. . . .
Sustainable Investing
Women, the Pandemic, & ESG Investing
Podcast recorded on 08/24/2020
The pandemic has magnified longstanding women’s issues. How can environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing advance gender equality? The women of Sage weigh in.
Sustainable Investing
ESG for the Non-Profit World: An Opportunity Not to Be Missed
Podcast recorded on 08/10/2020
Sage’s CIO Bob Smith and Vice President Lily Tu discuss the increasing interest among nonprofits for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing.
Sustainable Investing
The Language of ESG Investing
Podcast recorded on 07/27/2020
Sage’s Emma Harper and Andy Poreda discuss the language of ESG investing and the importance we place on financial materiality when incorporating ESG factors into. . . .
Sustainable Investing
Sage Comments on the DOL’s Proposal for ESG Inclusion
Podcast recorded on 07/09/2020
Sage CIO Bob Smith talks with ESG research analyst Andrew Poreda about the Department of Labor’s recent proposal regarding ESG investing and his concerns about. . . .
Sustainable Investing
A Perfect Storm for ESG Investing
Podcast recorded on 07/08/2020
Sage’s Komson Silapachai and Emma Smith discuss the three trends that are creating the ideal conditions for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing to see. . . .
Advisor Series
The Pandemic Brain
Podcast recorded on 06/30/2020
State Street Global Advisors and Sage Advisory bring you NPR/KUT’s Two Guys on Your Head team — Rebecca McInroy and University of Texas professors Dr.. . . .
Sustainable Investing
Climate Change Risk & Municipal Credit Ratings
Podcast recorded on 05/07/2020
How does a city’s preparedness for climate change-related events stack up to its credit rating? Sage’s Nick Erickson and John Sama discuss how the disconnect. . . .
Sustainable Investing
Sustainable Investing With Sage’s ESG ETF, GUDB
Podcast recorded on 04/28/2020
Sage CIO Bob Smith talks with research analysts Andrew Poreda and Emma Smith about recent market events and the value of sustainable investing through Sage’s. . . .