For our clients who are on the go, we offer podcasts that cover a range of topics, including tactical ETF investing, sustainable investing, fixed income, and capital market insights.

Sustainable Investing
Sage Comments on the DOL’s Proposal for ESG Inclusion
Podcast recorded on 07/09/2020
Sage CIO Bob Smith talks with ESG research analyst Andrew Poreda about the Department of Labor’s recent proposal regarding ESG investing and his concerns about. . . .
Sustainable Investing
A Perfect Storm for ESG Investing
Podcast recorded on 07/08/2020
Sage’s Komson Silapachai and Emma Smith discuss the three trends that are creating the ideal conditions for environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing to see. . . .
Advisor Series
The Pandemic Brain
Podcast recorded on 06/30/2020
State Street Global Advisors and Sage Advisory bring you NPR/KUT’s Two Guys on Your Head team — Rebecca McInroy and University of Texas professors Dr.. . . .
Sustainable Investing
Climate Change Risk & Municipal Credit Ratings
Podcast recorded on 05/07/2020
How does a city’s preparedness for climate change-related events stack up to its credit rating? Sage’s Nick Erickson and John Sama discuss how the disconnect. . . .
Sustainable Investing
Sustainable Investing With Sage’s ESG ETF, GUDB
Podcast recorded on 04/28/2020
Sage CIO Bob Smith talks with research analysts Andrew Poreda and Emma Smith about recent market events and the value of sustainable investing through Sage’s. . . .
Fixed Income
The Top 5 Questions Fixed Income Clients are Asking Right Now
Podcast recorded on 04/15/2020
Hear from members of Sage’s portfolio management and client services teams discuss the most pressing client concerns, including Q1 fixed income market dynamics, the magnitude. . . .
Market Update
The Resiliency of the Bond Market – Market Update
Podcast recorded on 02/14/2020
Sage’s Komson Silapachai discusses the impact of the coronavirus on markets, the two reasons for continued strength in fixed income, and where Sage sees pockets. . . .
Market Update
The Coronavirus & Capital Markets: Implications & Positioning
Podcast recorded on 02/03/2020
How should investors think about the coronavirus and its potential effects on the capital markets? In this podcast, Sage CIO Bob Smith recounts a presentation. . . .
Fixed Income
“Factor-Based Investing” with Ward Bortz of Invesco
Podcast recorded on 01/20/2020
Sage interviews Ward Bortz, Senior Client Portfolio Manager at Invesco, who discusses the growth of factor investing and what’s driving adoption in 2020. This podcast. . . .