ESG Solutions

We offer fixed income and equity ESG investment solutions that embody our commitment to sustainability and responsible investing. Our scalable investment strategies integrate our proprietary approach to evaluating and incorporating ESG issues while maintaining broad diversification and sound risk management.

ESG Taxable Fixed Income Strategies

Sage offers three ESG taxable fixed income strategies. This includes two diversified government/credit mandates in the ESG Short Term Fixed Income and ESG Intermediate Term Income Strategies, as well as a corporate-only ESG Credit Fixed Income Strategy. Each strategy holds investment-grade corporate bonds that display strong fundamentals and positive ESG characteristics.

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ESG Tax-Sensitive Fixed Income Strategy

The Sage ESG Tax-Sensitive Fixed Income Strategy is an actively managed tax-sensitive fixed income mandate that incorporates a top-down investment approach. The strategy will primarily invest in investment grade municipal bonds that display strong fundamentals and positive ESG characteristics.

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ESG Global Equity Strategy

The Sage ESG Global Equity Strategy is an actively managed global equity mandate that will invest across domestic and international equity market segments. The strategy invests in ETFs that qualify based on Sage’s due diligence process which incorporates both investment and ESG specific factors.

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