Tactical ETF

We bring a unique perspective to the way that tactical ETF strategies are managed; this is shaped by the depth of our investment team expertise and by our experience delivering solutions to the marketplace.

Our offerings include a series of objective-based strategies that are managed to be all-weather solutions. We began utilizing ETFs in 1998 and were one of the first institutional asset management firms to launch an all-ETF investment strategy.

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Tactical ETF Strategies

Our Tactical ETF Strategies include standalone global fixed income and global equity mandates, along with a series of asset allocation strategies. Each strategy works within reasonable portfolio risk constraints and is managed to deliver the diversification benefits of tactical management while

providing consistently strong risk adjusted returns in all market environments. The strength of our investment approach is that we use quantitative tools to solve very specific decisions and mesh that with the qualitative oversight of the Investment Committee.

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Tactical ETF

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Tactical ETF

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