For our clients who are on the go, we offer podcasts that cover a range of topics, including tactical ETF investing, sustainable investing, fixed income, and capital market insights.

Sustainable Investing
An Interview with SASB’s Energy & Mining Analyst
Podcast recorded on 03/21/2019
Sage’s Nick Erickson talks with David Parham, Director of Research Projects at the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, about financially material factors affecting the energy and. . . .
Market Update
Putting Trade into Context: Sage’s Outlook on Emerging Markets
Podcast recorded on 03/14/2019
Sage’s VP of Research Komson Silapachai explains how China’s economic growth is changing and why Sage has a negative outlook on emerging markets.
Fixed Income
Consumer Staples is No Longer a Safe Harbor for Bond Investors
Podcast recorded on 03/13/2019
Sage’s Fixed Income Portfolio Manager Ryan O’Malley discusses trends in the consumer staples sector and why bond investors should exercise caution when choosing credits in. . . .
Sustainable Investing
The Results of Sage’s ESG Stewardship Survey
Podcast recorded on 03/06/2019
To what extent are ETF providers that invest in “sustainable” companies engaged with those companies? Sage ESG Research Analyst Emma Smith discusses the results of. . . .
Market Update
The Market Environment Favors High-Quality Fixed Income
Podcast recorded on 02/19/2019
Sage’s Vice President of Research Komson Silapachai discusses the current economic picture, Fed policy, and Sage’s view on the fixed income sectors that are most. . . .
Market Update
Q418 Market Review and Outlook for Sage Tactical ETF Strategies
Podcast recorded on 01/28/2019
In this podcast, Sage’s Director of Research Rob Williams provides a Q418 market review and outlook for the Tactical ETF Strategies.
Market Update
Energy’s Rebound Reflects Dramatic Sentiment Shift
Podcast recorded on 01/17/2019
Sage’s Komson Silapachai and Ryan O’Malley discuss the “Powell Pause” and its positive effect on the energy sector.
Sustainable Investing
An Interview with SASB’s Financials Sector Analyst
Podcast recorded on 01/11/2019
Sage talks with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board’s (SASB) Financials Analyst Anton Gorodniuk about financial materiality, how the reporting standards will impact credit ratings, and. . . .
Market Update
Is Corporate Leverage Offering a Warning Sign?
Podcast recorded on 01/09/2019
In this episode, Sage’s Fixed Income Portfolio Manager Ryan O’Malley provides a playbook for bond investors looking for higher-quality investment grade issuers.